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About Us

Sound Team was founded in 1994 as a consultancy firm offering Acoustic Design, Equipment Selection, Installation and Training to individuals who wanted to open Audio Recording and Post Productions Facilities in India. After a couple of years it took distribution of several Pro Audio brands to provide complete turnkey solutions to its customers. Our team of specialist includes acoustic designers, product specialist and technical engineers for service and support.

Sound Team vision is to be a market leader for Audio Equipment Distribution in India, providing high quality audio tools to the discerning professional Audio Engineer.

Currently we distribute the following manufacturers products in India

  • Monitoring - Genelec
  • Mixers & DAW Controller – Solid State Logic
  • Microphones – DPA Microphone, Brauner, Royer Labs
  • Outboard Processing - Manley Labs, Cranesong, GML, Chandler Limited
  • A/D and D/A Convertors - Prism Sound
  • Reverb Processing - Bricasti Design, Eventide

Today Sound Team stands among the preferred source for top-notch Audio facilities in India. Our customers include Music Recording Studios, Film Mixing Theatres, Project Studios, Musicians, TV Channels, and FM Channels.

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