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Thermionic Culture LTD.

Thermionic Culture was founded in the UK in 1998 to manufacture, promote and sell ex Chart topping Recording Engineer Vic Keary's all valve studio equipment designs. These designs have been repeatedly lauded by the music press and users as 'innovative and groundbreaking’, some have won prestigious awards, and they often have a quirky and unique twist of their own. Tubes have less inherent distortion than transistors etc. and very low noise, so sound very natural in well designed circuits, especially with excellent audio transformers as required. Some circuits have unbalanced 'single ended' outputs which give a really open sound, but when Tubes are deliberately overloaded, for effect, they give a very warm sounding harmonic distortion. Thermionic Culture are used in several High End Recording and Mastering studios and is internationally acclaimed for Naturality, Warmth and Reliability across the spectrum of equipment such as Mic.Amps, Enhancers, Summing Mixers. All made in England to the highest standards much of the equipment being hand point-to point wired in the traditional way.

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Solid State Logic

Using identical circuit design and manufacturing to Solid State Logic Duality and AWS 900+ consoles, X-Rack is a modular rack system with Total Recall™ that delivers the classic SSL sound in a uniquely versatile form. Each X-Rack chassis holds up to eight modules in any configuration and there are a wide variety of modules on offer.

You could build a stunning SuperAnalogue™ front end for your recording system, with two different flavours of mic pre (SuperAnalogue™ and VHD), EQ, transparent dynamics and a powerful master section. Or create an SSL summing mixer with an ultra-pure analogue mix buss, using two different line input modules to achieve high channel counts or combine additional sources during mixdown to the legendary Stereo Bus Compressor. X-Rack delivers the very highest quality analogue recording and summing path and is the perfect configurable solution for studio or live applications.

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Manley Labs

Manley Laboratories offers a complete line-up of professional gear for both studio and stage. Manley units are all tube designs, while Langevin products offer the same quality build with all discrete make-up gain amplifiers. Both Manley and Langevin products are built side-by-side with all high quality parts and reliable construction techniques at the Manley Labs factory.

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Chandler Limited

Chandler Limited presents our line of quality-crafted, audio hardware. We bring vintage, warm tone and subtle to crushing dynamics carefully into the 21st century. Whether you're working in a world-renowned, recording studio or want classic character in your home studio, all Chandler Limited products deliver sensational results!

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Grace Design

At Grace Design their dedication to create exceptional audio equipment is driven by their love of music and the art of recording it. Grace Designs mission is to build beautiful products of tangible and lasting value which will help engineers, musicians and audiophiles become more engaged with the creation and presentation of great music. It is with great honor and respect that Grace Design offer their products to the world, and with high hopes that they will continue to facilitate the pursuit of great art.

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The Crane Song story started in 1995 when Dave Hill - electronics and professional audio wizard - decided to bring his expertise to a new focus. One of the company's earliest designs was the STC-8 compressor and peak limiter, still popular today for its ability to emulate vintage compressors, as well as sculpt new tones all its own. In all, Crane Song offers a potent lineup of single- and multi-channel compressors, a digital signal processor, 8-channel microphone preamplifier and A/D converter, along with an excellent stereo monitor controller. Studios can also enjoy Crane Song's processing wisdom via the TDM plug-in bundle, Phoenix.

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